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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nepotism also at the UN

The new Assistant on Human Rights to the UN Secretary-General, Ivan
Simonovic or Nepotism also at the UN.   Who is ruling Croatia?
(Feb.  2011)

1) The arrested Croatian Ex-Premier Minister I. Sander is involved in too many corruption scandals: properties, bank accounts, masked hiding-place with 400 pictures+ many artistic objects .. but also a bay at the sea of 30'000m2 on the island of Brac in the hart of Europe bought at 1.90 Euro per m2 instead 400 see :

2) Sanader's Minister of Justice I.Simonovic managed quite well too. He is native of Zagreb having flats, house, property.. but how has he managed to have four properties on the island of Hvar?? House on the sea plus 3 plots of land and one of 52'000 m2- see Link: 

-During his mandate (22 months) as Minister of Justice nobody received an answer from his Ministry. This behaviour is extremely depressing and frustrating for poor citizens..
-During his mandate his 'Ministry was a breeding place of lawlessness'-this is the title of the recent report of the Commission of Ministry of Justice 
-According the rating by The World Bank DB 'Juridical Protection' Croatia dropped from 126th to 132nd position (between 2009 and 2010), far behind Albania and 'corrupted' Bulgaria and Romania both in 44th position. Only a few Central African countries are behind Croatia. For all these achievements and performances I.Simonovic was recently nominated the 'Special Adviser for Human Rights' to the Secretary-General of the UN, New York. But on what matters could he advise the Secretary General Mr.Ban Ki-Moon? How not to respect article 17 (right to property), art. 6-9 (right to be equal before the law and to an effective juridical remedy) or article 19 ( right of opinion and expression). These articles are not respected by Croatia neither by too many other countries. How and Why? The famous UN Universal Convention signed on 10th Dec.1948 was replaced by new conventions which were not signed by most of countries-members of the UN. The world is sick and we are back in 1940 at a time of the great tyrants Hitler and Stalin.
Who is ruling this world and where we are going? The judges of the highest courts are the most powerful persons on this earth and are often ignorant and politically motivated. See 'Our Lawless society' :
3) Nepotism at the UN: as the special adviser 'on Human Rights' to the UN Secretary-General, the Croatian Minister of Justice Ivan Simonovic went to the UN, New York where on board was his wife Dubravaka. She has already been at the UN heading a committee on ' Women's rights'. For this job many reputed and highly qualified candidates applied - most never received an invitation for an interview, and were automatically discarded, rejected:

4) Nepotism in the Croatian Judicial System is essential for any advancement
: 10 new members of the NJC-National Juridical Council were elected, but most of the elected came from the families of high-ranking judges and politicians. See attachment : the article in VL 'Vecernji List' of 17.09.2005. 'Nepotism-The Croatian Justice is ruled by relatives' or 'Fathers and children'. The NJC has the right to fire and nominate the highest ranked judges! Already at the first meeting too many unacceptable misdeeds for a European country have been done. Everybody was promoting members of their own families to higher positions. The article informs us how the members of the NJC were promoting : Peter Novoselec his wife Hajriju, J. Miletic his son in law, R. Pelicaric his wife Alice, M.Turkalj his son, I.Crnic and V.Seks their daughters ..etc. The worst was 'the election' of the judge B. Hrvatin to the Presidency of the Supreme Court. The Judge B.Hrvatin was at the same time member of the NJC lobbying and promoting himself to the post of President of the Supreme Court (according to the law as member of the NJC he had no right either to be a candidate or to be elected). The above article published in VL of 17.09.2005 'disappeared' from the internet portal of the newspaper VL (we have at time recorded this article in our computer system!) . If you introduce the address of the Link on the bottom of this article in the Explorer window - answer is: Data are not available - which means it disappeared. It is a perfect proof of the censorship of the media and press in Croatia (art.19 is violated). The practice of promoting obedient judges continues, the loyal members of the clan are advancing to higher positions having more power and complete control of the Judiciary in Croatia. The illusion that the Croatian Judiciary is improving is dangerous. There is  not even an intention of improving. See :

Among many 'promotions' in 2008/2009 was D.Primorac, brother of the Minister was promoted to the District court of Split (2nd largest in Croatia)  (it was his first  post, without absolutely no experience, he was known as a particularly bad student) Not for long, as 18 months later NJC required for him the post of President of the District court of Split.

5) Proposal to the EU: Croatia is unable or unwilling to improve the judiciary and to transform Croatia into 'a state of law', we believe that for the next renewal of the members of NJC, the list of candidates should be approved by the EU Justice Commission. The candidates must have the necessary moral and professional qualities and not to be promoted for political or family reasons. Or at least EC should chose some members of the NJC as observers.
How efficient is the justice in Croatia: 300'000 finished court cases concerning honest family heritage, were frozen for 10,15,20 years only at the City tribunal of Zagreb. At the other tribunals of Croatia 800'000 similar cases more. The economic damage is huge: you cannot sell, others cannot buy and build, the proprietor cannot sign, being dead. This 'dead capital'. blocked in tribunals is X-times higher than the whole national budget. How can this country progress? Many other trials last also 15, 20 years. Most of them are simple and could be solved within 2-3 months.  20 years ago Croatia was quite prosperous, developed.. made the greatest Fall Dawn in the world (except Iraq? )

Sincerely yours - I. Saric, HRA-Germany

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Lawless society

Our Lawless society: The judges of the highest instances are powerful, often ignorant, without responsibility and consequently very dangerous (Jan. 2011)

  To the UN Security Council, all Prime Ministers, Foreign Ministers and members of the EU-Parliament

A) The EC in Strasbourg rejects according to the President of the court Mr. J. P. Costa more than 95% complaints. According to the NGOs 97-98% of complaints are rejected, without any valid explanation. What kind of court is the EC, Strasbourg? See link:  

B) The International Crimes Tribunal for Ex-Yugoslavia, in the Hague will soon pronounce the final judgement for General A.Gotovina – a hero in Croatia, led the liberation of the occupied Krajina in 1995. Will the ICTY commit the same errors as in the past?? We present to the international community the statements of most important witnesses, which are contained in the official ICTY report No. 557. The cEuPar-Gr.Crimes ComEuPar-Gr.Crimes ComEuPar-Gr.Crimes ComEuPar-Gr.Crimes Comomplete report can be found on the ICTY portal: ........ 
Gotovina, Cermak and Markac are indicted for war crimes against Serbs committed by troops under their command during and after the offensive known as Operation storm, the objective of which was to retake territory held by rebels since 1991.
The expulsion of Serbs wasn't a goal, but a consequence,” said Galbraith the US Ambassador.

In previous testimony at the trials of former Yugoslav president S. Milosevic and Croatian Serb rebel leader M. Martic, Galbraith has said there was no ethnic cleansing during Operation Storm, because most Serbs had fled before the army arrived.
It is estimated that some 200,000 Serbs left the region around the time of the offensive.

You could not cleanse those who were not there,” Galbraith told the tribunal this week. The Serbians left Krajina before the Croatian Army entered (5th Aug.) ,following the orders of their President M.Martić to leave Krajina of 4th Aug. (see in attachment)
1). This fact was confirmed by many Serbians who left Krajina, by Mr.P.Galbraith, US ambassador to Croatia in 1995, Mrs. Florence Hartman of ICTY etc.

Responding to a question from Gotovina's defence, Galbraith said major human rights violations-the killing of Serbs who had stayed, and the burning and looting of Serb property-did not occur during the first days of the operation, but afterwards.

Croatia was an organised country, its army the most disciplined in the former Yugoslavia, and therefore I cannot accept that the illegalities that occurred after [Operation] Storm were spontaneous,” Galbraith told the court.

Galbraith noted that the US government took an understanding attitude towards Operation Storm at the time, but insisted he would not have asked Washington to give it the green light if he had believed Tudjman intended to remove the Serbs.

Galbraith confirmed that the US made representations to Tudjman on the eve of the operation asking him to protect civilians and comply with international humanitarian law, and said this message was then relayed by the then defence minister Gorky Susak to his subordinates.

Galbraith said Knin was not randomly targeted during the first days of Operation Storm. The damage from shelling was not large-scale and the city was left largely undamaged, he said, adding that this information came from embassy staff who-unlike UN personnel-were allowed to move around Knin during the first days of the offensive. Why the ICTY insists requiring 'the artillery records' See E)
The same statements can be obtained from x-1000 persons linked to the Krajina after 7th Aug.1995.

C) The delegation of the UN OHR in Geneva led by Mr.E.Flynn, arrived in Krajina on 7th August 1995. Mr. E. Flynn said in his report, that he had never seen Gotovina, who with his army had already left Krajina for Bosnia, surrounding the town of Banja Luka. He received the order to stop the war-he took his fiancée Dunja and they went on honeymoon far away.
D)Mrs. C. del Ponte, the main Prosecutor, was on 3rd June 2005 in Zagreb with the Croatian government and Premier I.Sanader. Later in the evening she gave a conference in Geneva (Uni- Bastions). In the discussion following her speech she came to within a metre of my neighbour Mr.Stanic asking: 'Where is Gotovina'? In the presence of 1000 people he explained that: A.Gotovina left France in 1980 for a new life in South America, starting in Columbia as a military instructor and so on for 11 years. He was even married there and has two daughters in S.America. She answered I knew he was with the French Foreigner Legion but not that Gotovina lived in South America 11 + 5 years after 2000 when ICTY accused him. We were shocked by the ignorance of the main Prosecutor who was searching for Gotovina for years, even in Croatian monasteries. Even the Pope was angry. Gotovina travelled often to Africa on his was back to S.America; he stopped in the Canary Islands, where he was caught in a restaurant.

E) The war for Vukovar (the ugliest and the cruellest after the second world war). Three months of occupation by 10 times more soldiers of the Serbian army. The defenders, armed with endless love for their town and their families managed to destroy more than 600 Serbian tanks in the streets of Vukovar. During those three months the Serbian fired 800'000 (even 1'500'000)  projectiles, bombs and grenades on the town of Vukovar. Way did the ICTY never ask 'the artillery records for Vukovar'?? - another proof of injustice. See the war statistics in the Vukovar 

F) On 27th Sept. 2007, the ICTY – Int. Crime Tribunal for ex-Yugoslavia with Mr.Kevin Parker as President of Council rendered its judgement in the case (No. IT-95-13/1)
- According to the indictment, M.Mrkšić, M.Radić and V.Šljivančanin participated in a joint criminal enterprise (JCE). The purpose of the JCE was the persecution of Croats or other non-Serbs who were present at Vukovar Hospital after the fall of the city, through the commission of murder, torture, cruel treatment and extermination. It is further alleged that on 20 November 1991, JNA soldiers removed about 400 non-Serbs from the Vukovar Hospital. In the last days of the siege, several hundred people sought refuge at the Vukovar Hospital in the hope that it would be evacuated in the presence of international observers. Where they were? The detainees were then transported to a farm building in Ovčara, located about 4 kilometres south of Vukovar, where at least 264 Croats and other non-Serbs from Vukovar Hospital were killed. After the killings, bulldozer in a mass grave at the same location buried the bodies of the victims. This is one of ugliest war act in history. The Trial Chamber acquited Radic of all charges. Slivancinin was sentenced to 5/17 years imprisonment.
Update by 10th Dec.2010- the ICTY two days ago massively reduced imprisonment for Slivancinin from 17 to 10 years. 10 years only for one of ugliest war crime in history. Our society is LAWLESS. See 3 months siege of Vukovar:       


G) Two completely different measures and rules applied by the ICTY and the main Prosecutor Mrs C.del Ponte for crimes committed by Serbs and Croats cannot help the reconciliation between them, nor to improve justice in the world. General Mladić, the main culprit for the killing of more the 200’000 mostly civilians in Bosnia is still free.
 Update of 10th January 2011. The last week the Vukovar defender Tihomir PURDA was arrested on Croatian frontier. The Serbian require imprisonment of 340 defenders. Why ? They were defending their town and their family from aggression of Serbian and Yugoslav army. Something is wrong-see the explication above under G). The following link gives you more details.

Sincerly A.Petric HRA, CH

Human Rights–Alliance-pour les Droits de l'Homme
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